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$425 one week
$840 two weeks

Pay in Full -or- 50% Deposit
Deposit balance due by June 1

Registration fee: $25
(non-refundable unless not accepted)

Due date:
Regular: June 1, 2024
(earlier application is helpful!)

Full refund (minus registration fee) until June 1

Covid-19 precautions 
TBD as we get closer to the date. Contact us if these precautions impact whether you apply.

Audition:  See Audition Information below.

Optional Honors Ensemble:  See audition information below.

Takoma Park Flute-a-rama flute camp students warming up for rehearsal

Why sign up for two weeks?

2024 Auditions

  • After you register for Flute-a-rama, please send a video-recorded audition.  
  • At Flute-a-rama Summer Camp students break out into ensemble groups and play with others at their level.  We want you to thrive with your peers, so this audition helps us determine which group will be happiest for you and allows us to give you music that will help you play well and improve. 
  • If you study with Carrie or Melissa you do not have to submit an audition video. 
“I loved having fun while playing the flute. I loved meeting new people and making friends.”
– Raia
Flute-a-rama participant

Audition Requirements: 

Record a video of yourself playing the scales and excerpts at the level that represents your current playing ability:

Scale: C major 1 octave OR F major 2 octave scale 

Scales: E-flat major OR G major (2 octaves, slurred if possible)
AND a 2 octave chromatic scale


Scales: B-flat major + E major (2 octaves, slurred sixteenth notes)
AND a 3 octave chromatic scale 

Due date

Audition videos are due by June 1, 2024. They can be submitted at any time in the application process and are helpful early! 

New Flute-a-rama applicants are recommended to submit videos by May 1, 2024.

Minimum level for participation in Flute-a-rama:  

(1) At least one year of study at time of application or  recommendation of private teacher.

(2) Student must be able to consistently produce a tone up to C just above the staff, and play a one octave C scale.

(3) For reference, student must be able to play this beginner excerpt from 2023.

If you are not yet at this level, we invite you to join us next year!

If you have any doubt about whether you meet the playing level requirements, please contact us.


How to send a video

Send us (1) a link to a YouTube video or (2) a link to a video uploaded to Google drive.  

To send the link you can use this form or reply to a previous email that you have received from us.  Please contact us if you need help.

2024 Honors Ensemble (optional)

The Flute-a-rama Honors Ensemble is a unique opportunity for advanced students enrolled in the two week Flute-a-rama camp:

• Take your performance to a higher level with a longer rehearsal timeframe

Collaborate with other high-performing players

• Learn exciting, challenging repertoire

• Develop leadership and teamwork skills

• Cultivate independent work expertise

How to Audition:
Submit a video of yourself performing the listed Honors Ensemble excerpts and scales.

Due date: May 15, 2024

Honors Ensemble Audition excerpts
Scales: A major AND G-flat major scales (2 octaves, slurred sixteenth notes) AND 3 octave chromatic scale (slurred triplet eighth notes)


How to send a video:  
Send us (1) a link to a YouTube video or (2) a link to a video uploaded to Google drive.

To send the link you can use this form or reply to a previous email that you have received from us. 

Please contact us if you need help.

Do I need to submit a separate audition video to apply for Flute-a-rama?
No. The Honors Ensemble audition video can be a replacement for the general Flute-a-rama audition (see above). 

Do I need to submit a video if I am a student of Melissa or Carrie?
Yes, you are required to submit an audition video with the Honors Ensemble excerpt if you would like to be considered for this opportunity.

students in grades 5-12 play together in full ensemble for the final concert
students in grades 5-12 perform together in final concert