Creative, Interactive & Engaging Fun!


June 21-25, 2021
High School
on Zoom

July 12-16, 2021
Grades 5-8
on Zoom

July 19-23, 2021
Grades 5-8
on Zoom

“I loved how relaxed and casual it was, the wide variety of activities, and how some parts were run by the kids.”
– Grace
Flute-a-rama participant


Concerned about screen time?
During breaks, students enjoy screen-free relaxation.  Plus, for each hour online, 15 minutes are healthy movement fun breaks.

9:00-10:00 Let’s Play Flute | Yoga & Warm-ups
10:00-10:30 Break
10:30-11:30 Music Technology Project | Dance & Movement
11:30-12:45 Lunch Optional coached practice & games
12:45-1:45 Musical Freedom & Expression | Yoga relaxation
1:45-2:15 Break
2:15-3:00 Music Jeopardy

Playing Level

Students will be placed in groups according to age and level.  

Minimum level requirement for participation in Flute-a-rama: 

(1) Student must have had one year of study or recommendation of private teacher.  

(2) Student must be able to consistently produce a tone up to C just above the staff, and play a one octave C scale.

No matter how long you’ve played the flute,  you’ll come away with ideas and inspiration – and some new friends.

“I always improve on how I play during Flute-a-rama. Doing the duets is so fun. You get to play with people and that really helps me improve. You get feedback from them and tips and tricks.”
- Stella
Flute-a-rama participant
“I liked how we weren't just staring at a screen for hours, we moved around a lot, and you made all of the learning and activities really fun!”
- Grace
Online Flute-a-rama participant
“I loved being able to see other flutists working hard and getting to meet other people with so much dedication to their instruments.”
- Hannah
Flute-a-rama participant

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